ToR for ADB Compliance Review Made Public

The Terms of Reference for the ADB Compliance Review of the railways rehabilitation project have been approved and published on the Compliance Review Panel website. According to the ToR, the compliance review starts now; “The purpose of the CRP is to investigate alleged violations by ADB of its operational policies and procedures in the Project that directly, materially and adversely harm projectaffected people in the course of the formulation, processing, or implementation of the Project. The purpose of the compliance review is to focus on ADB’s accountability in determining whether ADB has or has not complied with its operational policies and procedures in connection with the Project, and not to investigate the borrower or the executing agency. The conduct of these other parties will be considered only to the extent directly relevant to an assessment of ADB’s compliance with its operational policies and procedures. After carrying out a compliance review, the CRP will issue to the Board its findings and recommendations.”