Where are the railways monitoring reports?

No new social monitoring reports on the railways rehabilitation project have been published since November 2012, raising concerns about the lack of external monitoring of the project as well as public access to information regarding the project. Redecam, the supposedly independent project monitor hired by the government, is meant to submit quarterly reports featuring details of the social impacts of the the ADB and AusAID-financed project. These are subsequently uploaded to the ADB website for public access. Yet the latest publicly available report, #19, covers the time period Aug-Nov 2012, and no reports have been public since. While the quality of Redecam’s reports has generally been poor, the lack of reports entirely underlines the ongoing lack of transparency and accountability that has plagued the railways project from the get-go.

EMO report nowhere to be seen – several months overdue

The 13th report by the railways rehabilitation project’s external social monitor is yet to be published, despite being several months overdue. The latest published report, available here, covers the period Oct. 16 2010 to Jan. 15 2011. That means there is no public monitoring reports available for most of 2011.

The ADB has also confirmed the 13th report by external social monitor – a company called Redecam Group that is paid for by the government – is its last report, begging the question of who is providing even the most minimal monitoring of the problem-ridden ADB and AUsAID financed railways rehabilitation project following the recent crackdown on civil society actors monitoring the project?